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Ag Association Management Services Inc. (AAMSI), Sacramento, CA.

AAMSI has existed for 15 years. They are a Non Profit Trade Association Management. Ag Association Management Services, Inc. (AAMSI) is committed to agriculture. This means that in their over thirty years of ag management and advocacy, they have developed both industry - specific practices and cultivated relevant working relation.

AAMSI is committed to providing the best possible representation with a professional staff and team of experts to address legislative, regulatory, and member concerns. Our passion for ag runs deep and we've been fortunate to help lead and support ag organizations for over thirty years.

AAMSI received the 2018 St. Vincent de Paul Benefactor Award. This award was given to our team for being instrumental in allowing the Society to succeed in its endeavors to fund its charity efforts by supporting the Society financially and through your raffle grand prize grant over many years.

Pacific Seed Association appreciates the partnership with AASMI!

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