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Berger International LLC, Carlton, OR

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Berger International is located in Oregon’s fertile Willamette valley, farming land spanning across 42 miles. They farm in 3 Oregon counties including: Polk, Yamhill and Washington County.

Berger International grows, promotes, and advocates for many crops in Oregon’s agriculture by being involved in varying boards, committees, organizations, and associations as a grower and dealer.

On the product end, Berger International offers: proprietary turf-type tall fescue varieties, grass straw, crimson clover, red clover (seed & silage), winter wheat, and hazelnuts. On the services end, Berger International offers: contracted production of turf-type tall fescue as well as custom seed cleaning, marketing, storage, and shipping.

Similar to the term farm-to-table, Berger Intl is a farm-to-lawn kind of company with the ability to give end distributors an opportunity to get excellent quality straight from the source. Think of them more as a local butcher that doesn’t boast a huge selection compared to a supermarket, but what they do offer is some of the finest cuts you can find.

Not many people know that they are vertically integrated through production, cleaning, and wholesaling.

Berger International has had a couple awards in recent years:

Recent Press Mentions:

Berger International joined the PSA because they understand the importance of being involved and collaborating with companies in the same region as they can face similar issues legislatively, regulatory, and in some cases, climate wise.

The PSA benefits them as a company "by allowing a more intimate setting as an association to build and grow relationships with other pacific regional seed companies and collaborate on solving or tackling aforementioned issues."

Berger International's favorite part of PSA is the "opportunities to network with other seed companies that are in our backyard that we might not initially think to interact with but always happily do through conventions and events that bring us together.

Their advice for new PSA members was "to be actively involved, they keyword being “active” as members will only get out what they put in through conversations started and questions asked."

The company owner, Becky Berger, started a nonprofit in 2014 called Griffin’s Place.

With a tagline of “Engage. Explore. Experience.”, Griffin’s Place strives to “Empower individuals 14 years old into adulthood who have intellectual/developmental disabilities with the knowledge and opportunities they need to engage in the community.”

Recent Press mentions about Griffin's Place:

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