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Member Company Spotlight: Columbia Seeds LLC, Albany, OR

Updated: May 7

At the Pacific Seed Association (PSA), we are proud to showcase the achievements and specialties of our member companies. Today, we turn our spotlight on an innovative and community-focused member, Columbia Seeds LLC.

Company Overview

Located in the verdant landscape of Albany, Oregon, Columbia Seeds LLC stands out as a dynamic force in the agricultural sector. Renowned for their specialization in cool season turf, forage seed varieties as well as cover crops, Columbia Seeds sources these superior strains from esteemed private and public research institutions. By cultivating close relationships with a tight-knit group of growers, they ensure not only the highest quality in seed production and multiplication but also uphold their commitment to efficiency and exemplary service.


At the heart of Columbia Seeds’ operational philosophy is their "Value Direct Link." This concept isn't just a tagline; it's the backbone of their business model. Columbia Seeds strives to simplify their customers' experience by being the “easy” button for seed needs, combining top-notch products with competitive pricing and outstanding service. This customer-first approach ensures that every interaction is straightforward, efficient, and effective.

Community Engagement and Impact

Columbia Seeds’ dedication extends beyond the fields and into the community. They proudly support a variety of local charities that resonate with their corporate values. Among these are Oregon Women for Ag, Creole Inc. (which aids Haitian farmers), and Close Closet, which provides clothing for disadvantaged children. Additionally, their support for the OSA Scholarship Fund highlights their commitment to nurturing the next generation of agricultural leaders. These initiatives showcase Columbia Seeds' broader commitment to social responsibility and community support.

PSA Engagement and Insights

Having been a part of the PSA for several years, Columbia Seeds has leveraged association resources for networking and increasing their industry exposure. They have participated in two PSA conventions, with San Diego being highlighted as their favorite location. These conventions serve as a platform for Columbia Seeds to connect with peers, share insights, and gather new ideas.

A Message to Fellow Members

Columbia Seeds offers a piece of timeless advice to fellow PSA members: “You get what you give. What you put into things is what you get out of them.” This principle is reflective of their own business ethos and serves as a guiding beacon for both personal and professional growth.

Learn More

To discover more about Columbia Seeds LLC and their unique approach to the seed industry, visit their detailed Value Direct Link page:

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Top Middle: Palletizing machine

Bottom Middle: Seed Yield Trials

Right: Observation Plots at OSU

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