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Member Company Spotlight: Dar-Tech, Inc. - Agricultural Chemicals Division

In our ongoing series highlighting the diverse and influential members of the Pacific Seed Association (PSA), today we shine our spotlight on a remarkable stalwart of the agricultural chemicals industry, Dar-Tech, Inc. With a rich history spanning over seven decades, Dar-Tech, Inc. has carved out a niche in the agricultural market with its innovative products and a deep commitment to customer service.

About Dar-Tech, Inc.

Founded 73 years ago in Cleveland, Ohio, Dar-Tech, Inc. began its journey as the Steven F. Dimlich Co., and through a series of transformations, evolved into the family-owned powerhouse it is today. The company is known for its nationwide sales and service coverage, offering a comprehensive range of specialty agricultural chemical products through its Agricultural Chemicals Division.

Services and Specialties

Dar-Tech’s product lineup is tailored to enhance agricultural productivity and includes high-quality silicone adjuvants and defoamers, dispersing agents, kaolin clays, and various specialty chemicals like PVOH resins, talc, and micronized waxes. These products are crucial for improving flow and lubricity in agricultural applications, alongside water-based colorants and specialty clays used as binders and thickeners. The company’s commitment to providing access to top manufacturers and unique chemistries ensures that customers receive the best possible solutions for their needs.

A Legacy of Innovation and Family Values

Dar-Tech, Inc.'s history is a narrative of innovation, growth, and family values. Originally focused on the chemical coatings industry, the company diversified its offerings in the 1960s and expanded into multiple markets including plastics, inks, and ceramics. The “dar” in Dar-Tech stands for “Dimlich and Radcliffe,” honoring its founders and the legacy they built. Today, under the leadership of Tom Kramer, Pete Marek, and Brett Walburn, Dar-Tech continues to expand both geographically and in its product offerings, maintaining its roots as a family-owned company with deep values.

Commitment to Sustainability

Recently recognized by the Alliance for Chemical Distribution for its sustainable practices, Dar-Tech has proven its dedication to responsible and environmentally friendly operations. The company’s efforts in sustainability encompass areas such as corporate social responsibility, environmental protection, and waste minimization, demonstrating its commitment to future generations.

Engagement with PSA

Dar-Tech, Inc. values the community and family-oriented nature of the PSA, seeing a strong alignment between its own values and those of the association. The company appreciates the opportunity to connect with other family-owned businesses within the PSA, sharing insights and fostering relationships that are built on shared principles and goals.

The Value of Membership

For Dar-Tech, the most cherished aspect of being a PSA member is the sense of belonging to a community that shares similar values and a commitment to maintaining a non-corporate, family-oriented culture. This environment allows Dar-Tech to bring its specialized products and technical expertise to a receptive and like-minded audience, enhancing the value chain within the seed and agricultural industry.

Looking Forward

As Dar-Tech, Inc. continues to grow and adapt in an ever-evolving market, its focus remains on delivering exceptional quality and service to its customers. By maintaining its core values and staying at the forefront of technological and environmental advancements, Dar-Tech is set to remain a key player in the agricultural chemicals industry for years to come.

For more information about Dar-Tech, Inc. and its offerings, please visit their website.

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