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Why Join PSA Membership - By Kathy Hutton

We asked Kathy to share why she and her company value their membership with the PSA over the years and why she encourages more companies to join.

"I have been an active member of the Pacific Seed Association for 20 years. Our company has been active for much longer than that. I had the privilege of serving as the association President in 2011. I have received numerous benefits from my membership in the association.

The PSA has been a huge advocate and supporter of the seed industry and remains active in protecting the rights of our members. The group has helped in fighting many battles to keep laws from affecting the way our member companies do business. I have also been informed by the association when laws are being considered in other states that affect the industry as a whole. Without the watchful eyes of the PSA membership, rules affecting my business and others could slip through without being noticed. At the annual convention we are given legislative updates from each state so we can keep up with what is going on in neighboring areas.

The PSA has many educational opportunities for the members. Besides having educational “Lunch and Learn” zoom meetings, the programs at the annual convention are always very informative. Over the years we have had speakers on current issues affecting the industry including, the latest technology, employee management, retirement and succession planning, social media use and many more.

The PSA offers scholarships to students who are interested in the seed industry and show the desire to work with the industry. My daughter was fortunate to receive this scholarship and she graduated with a degree in Ag Technology and Management. She now serves the industry with her skills as a crop insurance agent.

The biggest value I have found in the association is the people I have met and the connections I have made. The annual convention is a great place to meet new people and make personal connections with others in the seed industry. This has been extremely valuable to me and I cherish the relationships and friends that I have made as a member of the PSA.

I encourage all seed businesses to join the Pacific Seed Association and take advantage of all of the benefits this organization has to offer. "

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