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Member Company Spotlight: Rainier Seeds LLC, Davenport, WA

In this edition of our Pacific Seed Association (PSA) Member Spotlight, we take a closer look at Rainier Seeds LLC, a company whose roots and commitment to quality have made it a cornerstone in the seed industry. Located in Davenport, Washington, Rainier Seeds stands out for its expert handling of cool season reclamation grasses and its deep involvement within the PSA community.

About Rainier Seeds LLC

Rainier Seeds LLC has a storied history, beginning its journey in 1987 as Davenport Seed Company under the leadership of Mike Ingham. Over the years, the company has seen several transformations in ownership and branding, ultimately becoming Rainier Seeds LLC, now owned by Lakeside Companies. Despite these changes, Rainier Seeds has retained its core focus on producing high-quality grass seed, a testament to its enduring relationships with local growers, seed cleaners, and employees.

Specialization and Services

Rainier Seeds is a vertically integrated seed company, managing every aspect of production from growth to market. This includes contracting the growth, processing, storage, marketing, and shipping of their seeds. They specialize primarily in reclamation grasses, crucial for land restoration and erosion control, and also offer a variety of lawn and pasture species.

Unique Offerings

Rainier Seeds is proud to be the sole producer of two notable species: Regreen and USDA-Rangecrest. Regreen is a unique sterile wheat x wheatgrass hybrid, known for its effectiveness as a nurse crop and its erosion control properties. USDA-Rangecrest, developed by the USDA-ARS in Logan, Utah, is an improved crested wheatgrass cultivar that excels in plant vigor, leafiness, seed yield, and forage production.

PSA Membership and Engagement

A member since 1993, Rainier Seeds LLC values the networking, learning, and camaraderie opportunities provided by the PSA. The company has enjoyed a long history of active involvement, particularly highlighted by its engagement in the annual PSA golf tournament—a tradition enthusiastically upheld by the current team.

Favorite PSA Moments

The team at Rainier Seeds cherishes the face-to-face interactions that PSA events foster. The conventions offer a perfect blend of professional growth and relaxation, featuring informative presentations, exquisite dining experiences, and enjoyable recreational activities like golf. Notably, the karaoke sessions at the end of the awards banquet are a highlight, providing memorable entertainment and bonding opportunities for members.

Advice for New Members

For newcomers to the PSA, Rainier Seeds recommends making the most of the conventions. Engaging with as many people as possible, enjoying the presentations, and participating in the recreational and social events are key to a fulfilling PSA experience.

Connect and Learn More

Rainier Seeds LLC continues to be a beacon of quality and innovation in the seed industry. Their commitment to excellence not only enhances land management practices but also enriches the PSA community. For more information on Rainier Seeds and their impactful work, visit their website and explore their innovative products:

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