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Crop Report - Northeast Oregon

May 15, 2024

In Northeast Oregon, the crops emerged from winter in reasonably good condition. The mild winter allowed for continuous growth, with even some of the later fall plantings surpassing expectations. Over the past two months, we've experienced cooler and drier than average weather. Despite this, the crop outlook remains promising, and we anticipate an average yield at this stage.

However, our region has been unusually dry, making us vulnerable to hot weather, though current forecasts do not predict such conditions in the near term. One significant issue we're facing this year is a high population of voles, which is expected to cause some yield loss. In some fields, if we can't get them under control, the impact could be severe.

As we move forward, the earlier crops are mostly headed, and the later ones are beginning to head. We should have a clearer picture of the overall crop status in the coming weeks. Notably, this year we will harvest the fewest acres of Kentucky Bluegrass in over a decade, with a projected decline of over 30% from the 2023 crop.

Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to monitor and manage these challenges.

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