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Grant Baglietto, Baglietto Seeds, Stockton, CA

Grant Baglietto is the 2023 President of the Pacific Seed Association and is part of Baglietto Seeds as well.

Grant as worked for Baglietto Seeds officially for 10 years; since birth unofficially. Baglietto Seeds has always been a part of his life; the nature of a family business!

We asked Grant a few questions about his thoughts on the Industry, his career and a few fun questions about himself.

Personal Questions 

What do you or your company do for public service or outreach efforts for us to highlight on PSA Cares?

  • In addition to my role at Baglietto Seeds, I also run a non-profit called Seeds to the World which collects excess inventory from the seed industry and distributes it to countries and communities in need.

Have you received any awards, new leadership opportunities or press mentions that we can spotlight? Please describe.

  • In addition to taking over the role of President for the PSA, I have also taken over the role of President for the California Seed Association in tandem. It has been such a pleasure to serve both of these organizations at this level, and has allowed me connect with the seed industry in a in-depth way.

PSA Questions How does PSA benefit your company?

  • The network of members that we are privileged to interact with at the annual convention provides a way for us to connect with suppliers and affiliates in a much more intimate way. Many of the supplier/customer relationships that we have through the PSA are long standing, and I believe that member integrity if of the highest degree.

How long has your company been a member of PSA?

  • 20+ years

Any tips or advice for new PSA members?

  • Make sure you utilize the membership directory. The breadth of our membership is wide and there is so much value and experience within it. Also, much of the value of the PSA comes through attending the annual convention. The convention is structured in a way that enables new and meaningful connections and the group is simply a lot of fun.

Industry Questions What do you love most about the seed industry?

  • The seed industry is where almost all other industries begin. It is a foundational part of our economy and food supply, and the different sectors within it have captured my fascination and interest. The integrity of the individuals that I have worked with in this industry has also been of the highest degree!

What advice would you give to someone who wants to enter agriculture?

  • Take a close look at the seed industry. The diversity of opportunities available are significant. Whether it’s seed breeding, retail sales, field production, farm technology or anything in between, there is such a rich future for anyone who applies themselves. And, the seed industry will always be needed because it is foundational to any society.

What professional growth books have you read recently?

  • I am currently in the middle of Influence, by Robert Cialdini and have recently re-read Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin. I highly recommend this read to anyone looking to build confidence and focus in their leadership at any level in their organization. The audiobook is particularly good.

Career Questions What has been your biggest professional achievement?

  • Being invited to be a participant in the California Agricultural Leadership Program was a highlight for me. The challenging and eye opening curriculum as well as the lifelong connections that I have made in that program have fundamentally altered my career trajectory in an extremely positive way.

What career advice do you live by? Who gave it to you?

  • Be true to who you are; and that may require you to figure out who that is. I can’t attribute that to one specific person but through my time in leadership training I have had many mentors that have echoed similar sentiments. If your career/role is out of sync with who you really are, it will be difficult to be successful. So don’t be afraid to look into the mirror and really try to better understand who is looking back.

What is the biggest career challenge you’ve had to overcome?

  • Family businesses come with their own special challenges. Walking the line between business and family is a very delicate balance and it can be messy from time to time. Maintaining family relationships and trying to separate them from the business has been my biggest challenge.

Fun Questions Do you have any hobbies?

  • Fly fishing and acoustic guitar.

Favorite place you’ve traveled?

  • Australia and East Africa

A recent movie you watched that blew you away?

  • Captain Fantastic. It’s a bit unconventional but well worth the watch. It challenges conventional thinking and makes you reexamine the everyday hustle and bustle. A must watch if you have young kids.

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