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2024 ISTA Rules Update

ISTA made a few changes to their rules for 2024.

The updates are in reference to:

·       2.2.2 Sublot – A sublot is a portion of not less than 20% of the seed lot, except for a Solanum lycopersicum L. seed lot, which is not less than 5% of the original seed lot. Each container of a sublot must be marked with the identification of the seed lot.

·       Table 2C Part 1 – Maximum weight of lot for Solanum spp. and Solanum lycopersicum L. moved from 10,000kg to 200kg.

Don't forget to update Table 2C, in your records which you can find here.


For those who may not know, ISTA has a tool for ISTA Samplers to use when sampling a seed lot called the "ISTA Sampling Calculator". The tool is meant to assist samplers to determine the correct number of primary samples to take based on the botanical name, type of container, if the seed is untreated, treated, coated, or on tapes and mats. The tool is available for download to your desktop, android or iOS.


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